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How do I become a member? 

- You can become a member of High End Sales Club at anytime, once you are a member you are automatically enrolled onto our Loyalty and Rewards Program. Membership options can be found here


Is there a membership / loyalty card? 

- No, all your membership orders, points and progress can be found once logged into your account. Once a 'Black - VIP' member and, you will receive a personalised High End Sales Club Black Card. 


What is a Black VIP card and how can i get one? 

- A Black VIP card grants a free lifetime membership plus lifetime discount on the store. Black VIP cards are handed out to our VIP customers, and can also be attained by hitting the spend threshold, 


How do i earn HESC Club Points? 

- 1 Club Point is earned for every £1 spent on our website. You can also earn bonus points in other ways including following us on Instagram, referring a friend plus more! We will also hold the occasional double points days where you can earn 2 Club Points for every £1 spent. 


Can i redeem points from past purchases? 

- Yes! All orders from the past 12 months have been added to your account. 


 Can i get to 'Black - VIP' quicker? 

- Yes, all 12 month members are fast tracked to 'Black - VIP'. Please note that discounts, store credit and free shipping codes will only be added to your account once you reach the required points. Fast track to 'Black - VIP' will give access to everything else including special offers, member days, HESC Hoodie etc. 


What if an order is cancelled? 

If your order is cancelled, all points earned on that particular item will be removed from your points balance.


How soon are points added to my account? 

- Points will be automatically added to your account. You can also check your orders in the 'my account' page. 


How do I move up tiers? 

You will be upgraded to the next loyalty tier if you pass one of our dedicated tier thresholds. Your Member ID will be updated and you will be notified via email to let you know when you have achieved this. You will then have immediate access to all of the benefits of that tier. The tier thresholds are as follows: Black: 6,000 points Platinum: 3,000 points Gold: 1500 points Silver: 500 points. You will automatically be allocated to 'Member' which is entry level. 


When can I redeem my benefits? 

- You will receive your benefits as soon as you enter into your new tier. You can use your benefits at any time. 


If i cancel my membership, do i keep my tier and rewards? 

- Yes, you will keep your points and current tier, however you will not be able to use any of the benefits. Once you become an active member again, you will have instant access to all your benefits. 


What are special offers, members days and sale previews? 

- We will be running these events throughout the year. For example double point days (2 club points per £1 spent). All special events are enrolled at our discretion, and will be announced shortly prior to the event. 


What if I cant find the answer to my question? 

You can contact our Customer Service team on